Mirrors are an effective decorating tool and they can give a new look to your home


Placing them in front of a vanity or in the entrance of your house, can enhance the light in a room or reflect candlelight, or make a space look larger than it is.The concepts of the soul are often associated with mirrors, which results in a wealth of superstition surrounding mirrors. For instance, breaking a mirror causes seven years of bad luck because the soul which shatters with the broken mirror regenerates every seven years (old Roman legend)

In classical antiquity, solid metal (bronze, later silver) was used to produce mirrors.The silvering process was invented in about 1600AD and is still used even today. A major mirror component is glass. Because glass is a poor reflector, it must be coated in order to make a mirror.

The most appropriate materials for making metallic coatings are silver, gold, and chrome. Creative Framing offers a large range of ready to go Mirrors , but also custom make mirrors to suit your size and décor.