Creative Framing offers services to make plaques and engrave onto acrylic, timber and mat board .

The addition of laser engraving to your framing is a great way to make your presentation unique and bespoke, laser engraving can look sharp and futuristic, or old world like traditional poker work.

Think beyond plaques and consider engraving in your glazing, moulding and mat board. Personalize mirrors with engraved logos and designs Laser engraving uses a beam of light to engrave the item and no sharp tools of any kind are necessary.

There is no direct contact between the machinery and the item being engraved. Because laser engraving is precise and it can be used on so many surfaces, it is considered to be the perfect imprinting method onto acrylics and wood. Lasers can be directed accurately on small areas and they can be set for thousands of repetitions.

Laser cutting engraving photo