Photo Restoration Melbourne


Photo Restoration in Melbourne

At Creative Framing, we are aware that artwork and photos are subject to degradation, but with our photo restoration services we can return your pieces to their former glory. We have years of experience and our extensive research has enabled us to gather a complete understanding of the causes of degradation, effective and affordable treatment processes in Melbourne.

At Creative Framing, our staff will assess your art or frames, conduct any necessary research, quote for any procedures required, and carry out the necessary treatment to protect and restore your artwork. Our team has a network of established and reliable conservators, and we use the appropriate conservator to restore any piece that requires attention.

Specialized Paper Conservation – Photo Restoration

Air-borne pollutants, acid and lignum migration and incorrect framing or storage methods are the major cause of contamination of work on paper, often resulting in unsightly brown stains (foxing), fading and discoloration, or physical damage such as scratches, missing paint, holes and tears. With our photo restoration services all this type of damage is repairable.

Canvas Art Restoration

Acrylic and oil paintings are generally considered the most durable medium of artwork, but over time air-borne dust and dirt will build up on the surface and unless intermittently, professionally cleaned and varnished the paint will dry and crack and sometimes even fall away. This, and physical damage such as scratches, tears and knocks, can be not only repaired by our fine art restorers, but brought back to the original beauty.

Expert Photo Restoration Services

Our expert photographic restorers can repair anything from minor scratches to reconstruction of missing sections. We will supply you with a digital file of both the original and the restored photo and can reprint at any size on a variety of papers and canvas. This will give the best custom picture framing experience.

Skilled Frame Restoration Process

Our craftsmen can perfectly carve, cast and repair any frame. Re-gilding and finishing is sympathetically applied to match the original seamlessly.

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