How To Choose The Right Picture Frame For Your Art Work

how to choose the right frame

How To Choose The Right Picture Frame For Your Art Work


Choosing the right frame can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any picture. However, aesthetic appeal is only a small portion of what the right frame can do for your picture. Before you start running and looking for framing shops in Melbourne, you should thoroughly understand the kind of frame you need for the kind of picture you are going to be hanging.

For any kind of artwork or picture, there is a specific type of frame that can suitably enhance the visual appeal of that artwork. This is probably why picture framing in Melbourne has taken off in a big way.

This would also explain the growing popularity of custom framing in Melbourne.

Narrowing Your Choices

Three things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a frame for your picture is style, colour, and material. If you go to any framing shops in Melbourne, you are likely to find frames that are available in literally thousands of styles, giving you an endless number of choices. While it is easy to get overwhelmed, there are a few simple ways to narrow down what you are looking for.

Firstly, you should keep in mind that the frame and the artwork will always be viewed as a singular piece. This means that both the frame and the artwork will complement one another. Choosing the wrong frame could result in the frame overpowering the artwork, or vice versa. The primary thing that needs to be taken into consideration is how the frame can present the picture in the most effective manner. Choosing the right kind of contrast and understanding how the picture will look in the setting where it is placed, is of utmost importance. You could end up choosing a frame that perfectly fits with your decor, and the wall it is placed on, while not doing even the slightest bit of justice to the picture itself.

The next thing that needs to be kept in mind when choosing a frame is the type of artwork or picture, the frame is going to be placed with. Here are some ideas for frames solely based on the type of artwork that will be used.

1. Drawings and Illustrations

Most illustrations are made with perishable mediums like charcoal, pastel or graphite. These artworks are generally more delicate in nature, and thus look best when framed with a mount or a mat. A window mat, can not only make the illustrated work pop out from the frame, but can also add a layer of subtlety, which makes the entire artwork look sublime. It should be kept in mind that if acrylic or gloss is used to protect the artwork, then special care should be taken to ensure that there is no direct contact between the artwork or the glass itself. If this ends up happening, the paper can be damaged and mould can form in the wrong spots.

2. Prints

These types of artworks are usually the ones that are most purchased, due to their affordable nature, and their high level of accessibility. It is typically easier to get frames for these kinds of pictures, if you go with the right proprietor for custom framing in Melbourne. If you are choosing photographs that are black and white, then the best frames to go with these would be black or white frames. As simple as that!

When it comes to coloured photographs, it is ideal to have the frame in the same colour as the colour that is most dominant in the photograph itself, which allows the photo to stand out, without being overpowered by the frame itself. In short, it is ideal to thoroughly consider the full spectrum of the colours that are in the print and pick a colour for the frame, that would ideally match that spectrum.

3. Oil Paintings

It is not difficult to find custom framing in Melbourne for oil paintings, but it is more challenging to know the right kind of frames for these kinds of artworks. Luckily, oil paintings have been around for centuries, which means, if you are going to search for picture framing in Melbourne, then you are likely to find dozens of experts who can help you find the perfect frame for an oil painting. Oil paintings typically look fantastic with wooden frames and the worst glazing, for such kind of paintings would be acrylic glass. Glass should not be used for framing oil paintings, due to the risk of trapping moisture. To avoid any kind of problems, it is best to go with classic wooden frames.


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