7 Things to Know about Custom Framing

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7 Things to Know about Custom Framing

Finding the right frame for a poster, photo, or work of art is crucial when it comes to preserving the aesthetic appeal of that work. More importantly, choosing the right frame can go a long way in preserving the artwork to such an extent that it may last longer than your furniture itself.

However, picking the right frame is easier said than done. One of the biggest challenges in finding a frame is finding one that fits perfectly with the decor of your home, while providing the right kind of protection. Keep in mind that the aesthetic value and the level of protection afforded by the frame are the two most crucial aspects of choosing the right frame.

It’s true that you can buy custom frames online, but without knowing the right kind of frame, you might end up making a purchase that could affect your artwork, and thus be more costly in the long run.

Custom picture framing in Melbourne has been around for over 100 years and there are many reputable and reliable proprietors, who can give you the right custom frame at the right cost.

But be wary not all custom framers adhere to the conservation standards set out by the PFGA (Picture Framers Guild of Australia)

Before you start looking for a proprietor for custom framing in Melbourne, here are seven things that you should keep in mind when selecting a custom frame.

The Surroundings:

It is a common misconception that the picture and the frame should match the room’s decor, but it is more important to keep in mind that this should not come at the expense of devaluing the aesthetic appeal of the picture. Simply put, do not choose a picture frame solely by the fact that it fits in with the decor of your home.  This is because your room decor is susceptible to change in the future. So, choosing a frame that exemplifies the picture should be your primary consideration.

Frame Size:

While frame size will always play a big role, it can significantly impact the way the picture looks within the frame. It is crucial that you thoroughly measure the maximum and minimum dimensions of the picture frame, so that you can thoroughly understand how crowded or how imposing the frame may look once it has been placed. When it comes to smaller pieces of art, the simple way to circumvent it looking insignificant on your wall is to consider matting. Choosing a conservation matte board will allow you to frame a piece of art, regardless of its size, while also giving it a decent amount of visual appeal.


When it comes to protecting your artwork, glazing goes a long way. Not just in keeping your artworks preserved, but also about enhancing its aesthetic appeal. There are many different types of glazing that would be ideal for preserving any kind of artwork. The first is the more traditional glass, which provides a clear or diffused finish, and can look fantastic in the right lighting, but will break if pressure is applied. The other option is to go with acrylic, which gives the same advantages afforded by glass, but with an added level of durability and a level of resistance towards shattering. Both glass and acrylic is available in standard to high conservation levels. Discuss the many options with a framing professional who will advise on the best product for your framing project.

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There are many types of backings to choose from when protecting your artwork from the wall.

The first is the safe and common foam boards. They are lightweight and are easily cut to fit any size of frame. It is best to avoid timber backings like MDF or cardboards as these are highly acidic and will damage any artwork within the frame. There are even aluminum bonded backing boards that are great for high gloss photos. Ask your framing professional for the best product for your project


When using certain types of hardware to hang the frame, the first thing you need to make sure is that the hardware is strong enough to support the frame for a long period of time to prevent any accidental slippage. Furthermore, it would be ideal to choose hardware that is embedded within the wall to prevent slippage.


The good news about cleaning framing glass is that the job can be done with most commercial window cleaners that do not contain any ammonia. Harsh detergents, waxes or disinfectants are strongly discouraged, while any kind of window cleaner with vinegar is perfectly safe. Cleaning acrylic requires a little more care, generally a good dusting cloth and avoid abrasive cleaners.


This is highly crucial when it comes to the aesthetic value of the frame itself. Depending on the type of artwork you would be hanging, you can choose from a variety of frame materials including timber, aluminium or synthetics that can each add their own distinctive look to your work.

Visit a professional framer to explore the many options

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